We help e-commerce owners

become more profitable

within 60 days

by creating

cold-friendly offers

Get your marketing returns from a loss to profitable in max. 60 days by creating an offer and funnel cold prospects can't refuse.

Oh and by the way, we also speak Dutch 🇳🇱🇧🇪

1 valuable service package

offer market fit

1 service package that will help you break through, even if you feel like you've tried everything.

Our main service offering will enable you as an e-commerce entrepreneur to reach new revenue heights in a matter of weeks.
Benefits of our method
  • cold traffic will buy without hestitating

  • simplify online advertising strategies (Meta loves this)

  • increase conversion rate

  • increase average order value

  • decrease traffic cost

  • ready to enter new markets

What you should expect when working with us.

If every marketing agency has offered you the same advertising solution and you're tired of always getting similar results, it’s time to take a different approach.

In the first 30 days of working with us we will not jump in your Facebook Ads Manager and setup some ‘magic campaign settings’, those simply do not exist.

day 0-20
We will establish your ultimate cold-friendly-offer, set-up AB-testing landing pages and support you in preparing the right content for your offer.

day 20-60
We’ll setup Meta Ad campaigns using proven, simple, campaign structures (Meta loves these and will reward you for it). Using these campaigns we will test your biggest levers: offer, content and landing page.

In 30 days we will establish your ultimate cold-friendly-offer which will make customer acquisition through paid traffic a breeze.

day 60-...

Prioritize tasks with ease, boost productivity.

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Collaborate with team, enhance teamwork

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Track progress and visualize success

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Customize with flexible options, optimize workflow

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Hear what our customers have to say about LIFEONMARS.

Say goodbye to guessing why you can't get your Shopify store to the next level.

Brent Luyckx
Very pleased with Joey's cooperation and professionalism! He knows what he is talking about and plays close to the ball to adjust campaigns. Highly recommended!
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Julien Yee
My team and I worked closely with Life on Mars to get our social commerce up & running. They were able to get things off the ground quickly, delivered results and fast to adjust and iterate when needed. Responsive and open to think with us.
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Ayhan Celebi
We are working with Life on Mars for more than a year now and can totally recommend their service. They take care of the overall concept and are always creative for new approaches. The personal contact is also very kind and we are able to work closely on our ads and marketing together with them
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John Galeyn
Love working with them. They are an extension of our team, they challenge us, but understand us. We can connect with them whenever we want which helps in the ever changing world of Facebook ads.
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Amina Nantoh
Very pleased with the results, advice and professional help!
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Esther Andries
Amazing agency! They helped me so much with my FB advertising, and really put in all the time and effort that they can to help me. Joey is very responsive and is very hands-on. I would 100% recommend to anyone who is looking to expand and grow their business via FB ads marketing.
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A plan for every business

LIFEONMARS offers 1 main bundle of services, namely crafting your perfect offer for cold traffic and take all the necessary steps to test it in the market. This doesn't mean however the delivery vehicle should be the same. Discover our done-for-you and done-with-you offerings below.

Done for you
we do the work
we build out an entire profitable structure your team or your advertising agency can run profitable ads to
  • write 2-5 offers
  • build out offers in Shopify
  • write creative briefings
  • organize creative production (UGC)
  • write ad & landing page copy
  • setup ad testing campaigns
  • monitor campaigns
  • evaluate & iterate
  • scaling action plan
done with you
you(r team) learn(s)
you or your team will master our framework to run profitable offers to cold audiences
  • Four 1-1 calls - teaching, executing, analyzing, and action plan
  • All tools you need
  • Free access to online community with on-going training
  • Free conversion rate audit
  • Premium support

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